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Timing is a big deal when it comes to meeting the expectations of your trip. Hopefully this section will help you decide what time of the year best fits your Lake Erie goals! 


I often get asked when the best time to catch a trophy sized fish is and I always say, "The more clothes you have to wear, the better your chances are at catching a Lake Erie giant."   The fishing typically isn't as fast and easy as it is in the Summer, but the reward is bigger fish. 


This is the best time to bring a kid along! The weather is more stable, much warmer, and the fishing is typically really good. Fishing this time of year usually means very little time to do anything other than reel! 

August- September

This is the time of year when things are tough, the fish are often far off shore and require long runs to get to them. The good news is the perch fishing should be picking up, although perch fishing has been extremely hit or miss the past few seasons. Walleye are still being caught, but you really have to work for them and limits are not nearly as fast.

October-Ice up

This time of year can be very good as the water temps start to come back down and the walleye begin to come closer to shore and start their migration back to the West side of the Lake. As the weather gets colder into November and beyond, the overall grade of fish (both perch and walleye) will get bigger as the season goes on.

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1.5 hr 4 man limit
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